Monday, March 24, 2014

22w2d: Failing and Flailing Around in There!

Wanted to let you know that the doppler came back all clear.  No blood clots in my legs to worry about.  More testing adventures have followed....Last week we had the wonderful experience of the gestational diabetes test...otherwise known as the Glucose tolerance test.  We started with the one hour test on Monday.  I failed by 15 points.  I hear that this is a very normal occurrence for twin moms.  For many singleton moms too.  My punishment for failing was the three hour test which is a special brand of torture for a Friday morning. It's a fasting test, requires 4 blood draws over three hours, and the sugar high from the drink is not a good feeling.  I'm sporting a big bruise from the blood draws, but as an IVF survivor, I'm used to the needles.  I had some decent TV to watch in between blood draws.  For anyone worried about how this test works, here is the break down.  Fast for 12 hours before the test, when you arrive at your appointment (early AM is the only way to go) you will be brought back for a blood draw, afterward you drink this very sweet drink that was fruit punch flavored and not as bad as everyone says it is, then you will be given three times to return for blood draws each draw is one hour from the last (ex. 9:12, 10:12, 11:12).  After the last blood draw, stay there and eat/drink something.  After no water and food for all that time I was pretty woozy.  Driving would have been dangerous.  I had a protein bar, and a full bottle of water before I got to my car.  Then I was fine driving to the office.  A half hour later I was not so fine.  Here is what happened...

My sweet friends from work organized a bday lunch for me for right after the test.  I'm turning 36 tomorrow.  It's the first birthday in 9 years where I'm not looking through the filter of infertility and feeling the weight of the sorrow that has been my constant companion along this road. After the test, and after my drive to the office, I met up with the ladies and we headed out to lunch.  We drove separately since it was the friday before spring break and in teacher land that means we get to leave early.  Five minutes into the drive I could feel my blood sugar start to bottom out.  I felt clammy and really yucky.  I ate some of those belvita breakfast biscuits and drank another bottle of water. I still felt weak and shaky by the time I got there (only a few miles drive).  It wasn't until I got some red meat in me that I finally started to recover.  I must've really needed some protein.  The restaurant was tapas style spanish cuisine, and it was excellent!  I love those ladies!

I called this morning and found out my test results.  We passed the three hour test!  So even though I failed the 1 hour test by 15 points, it's still possible to come out ok in the end.  Hang in there if you are in that situation.  One good thing came of this, the blood work showed that I had borderline low iron (hemoglobin 10.5).  This means they are starting me on iron therapy.  Other twin mommas say that the iron therapy thing is just a matter of time with a twin pregnancy.  So the fact that they discovered a need before I was really really deficient feels like a win.  I don't want anyone going without in there!  Maybe now I will get to feel the benefit of that second trimester energy surge?  That has thus far eluded me, and maybe now we know why.  I've been on the iron for three days, and I already feel a difference, both in the way I feel, and the river dance auditions going on in my uterus.  These two are all over the place in there!  I am really excited to see them again at the MFM on 3/31.  I want to know if they are still in the same positions, or if they have moved somewhere else.  As it stands, when I feel kicks up high and to the right, I tend to think it's our boy.  When I lean forward and feel little kicks deep and down low, I think its our girl.  I think she is at more of an anterior placement because I can't see her kicks from the outside.  At least I think that's what's happening!  We will see when the MFM appointment rolls around.

We see the regular OB on wednesday, and I have requested that they take a look at my cervix via ultrasound.  I've been on my feet some lately (the swelling is better because of the low salt diet), and I've been busy and resting less, and I want to make sure there is no thinning going on in there.  

Here is a pick of me taken at bday lunch after the three hour test:

Here we are at a wedding vow renewal this past weekend:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

20w4d: While Smiling, and Still Thankful.

Just a quick update: 
Went to see my regular OB on Monday.  The babies sound great.  I'm measuring about 6 weeks ahead of schedule.  I've gained 35 lbs.  I've never seen the numbers showing up on the scale these days...NEVER.  I'm only 20 weeks.  I've got quite a few weeks to go here, many lbs ahead of me.  Planning to take it all in stride.  Whatever it takes for these babies to be healthy, happy, and heavy enough to stay with us from moment one. 

The time has come for me to get tested for gestational diabetes.  Need more details on what that test entails.  The orange drink is my worst nightmare for sure.  Praying they will have the hawaiian punch flavor.  Also praying it comes out ok.

I'm also going in for a venous doppler tomorrow (an ultrasound on my legs).  I've had recurrent leg pain when I'm on my feet.  In the same area, the back of my right knee and calf.  As a precaution the OB ordered the doppler.  It's happening tomorrow afternoon. It will be good to know I'm blood clot free, one less common twin complication to worry about!  Took a half day after the test to spend some quality time with my momma.  She's in town with Dad for a conference.

I'm already growing out of most of the maternity clothes I've bought or received.  This is a problem.  So unbelievably thankful to have this particular problem.

I'm over the hump of most of my preggo symptoms thank goodness.  Except for the bone crushing exhaustion.  Speaking of, I need to get to bed.  Signing off, while smiling, and still thankful.