Tuesday, March 11, 2014

20w4d: While Smiling, and Still Thankful.

Just a quick update: 
Went to see my regular OB on Monday.  The babies sound great.  I'm measuring about 6 weeks ahead of schedule.  I've gained 35 lbs.  I've never seen the numbers showing up on the scale these days...NEVER.  I'm only 20 weeks.  I've got quite a few weeks to go here, many lbs ahead of me.  Planning to take it all in stride.  Whatever it takes for these babies to be healthy, happy, and heavy enough to stay with us from moment one. 

The time has come for me to get tested for gestational diabetes.  Need more details on what that test entails.  The orange drink is my worst nightmare for sure.  Praying they will have the hawaiian punch flavor.  Also praying it comes out ok.

I'm also going in for a venous doppler tomorrow (an ultrasound on my legs).  I've had recurrent leg pain when I'm on my feet.  In the same area, the back of my right knee and calf.  As a precaution the OB ordered the doppler.  It's happening tomorrow afternoon. It will be good to know I'm blood clot free, one less common twin complication to worry about!  Took a half day after the test to spend some quality time with my momma.  She's in town with Dad for a conference.

I'm already growing out of most of the maternity clothes I've bought or received.  This is a problem.  So unbelievably thankful to have this particular problem.

I'm over the hump of most of my preggo symptoms thank goodness.  Except for the bone crushing exhaustion.  Speaking of, I need to get to bed.  Signing off, while smiling, and still thankful.

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