Friday, April 4, 2014

23w6d: Best Appointment Ever!

On 3/31 we had the best appointment we've ever had, no questions were brought up that we don't already have the answer for. We aren't headed for more testing right now.  No results to wait for. Everything the ultrasound saw was the best it could be.  Nothing emerged that we should watch for.  The babies are looking wonderful.  Our girl is weighing in at 1lb 5 oz, and our boy is 1lb 4oz. Hoping we have more appointments like this to look forward to.  In other big news, this week my friends and familly are throwing us our first shower.  I am filled with heavy joy at the thought.  More joy than heavy for sure!  Thankful.
Our girl at 23w6d
our girl pouting!
Our son.
Our son snuggling.

(Drafted 3/31...Posted late!  Sorry!)

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